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Annual Budget
Oct. 2011
Nov. 2011
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Our Mission

The primary purpose of The Meadows Homes Association (TMHA) is to enforce the CC&Rs, Rules and Regulations and the Architectural Guidelines. It is responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the common property. For the benefit of  its members, TMHA protects the values, desirability and the attractiveness of the covenant promoting harmony among the residents.

 We are rearranging the Website to be by month beginning in October, 2011-- so if you want the Agenda or the Minutes of a certain month they will be together under that specific month.

Performa Fiscal Budget 2011-2012 THE MEADOWS HOMES ASSOCIATION  
  May 1. 2011     April 30,2012
INCOME   1st Qtr 2011 2nd Qtr 2011    
  Annual HOA dues 168,000 161,567      
  Annual Ranch Dues 01/10/2012 59,400 0 0    
  Special Membership Dues 9,000 7,200      
  Miscellaeous Fees 9,000 5,025      
  Interest incl Late Fees 3,000 2,278      
  Delinquent Dues -6,000 -11,000      
   TOTAL REVENUE 242,400 165,070      
  Donations 2,300 500      
  Printing and Postage 6,000 1,299      
  Insurance Due 04/25/2012 11,100 0 0    
  Office Supplies, Permits,& License 5,000 3,998      
  Professional- Legal 10,000 1,302      
  Professional- CPA/Acctg/Engr. 13,000 6,545      
     SUB TOTAL ADMINISTRATION  47,400 13,634      
  Community Center Supplies 2,000 774      
  Community Center Grounds/Irrigation 2,500 424      
  Building/Equipment/Security 4,000 1,095      
  Tennis Courts 2,000 0 0    
  Janiitorial 3,000 1,273      
  Landscaping & Pest Service 22,000 3,733      
  Pool Service 12,000 2,485      
     SUB TOTAL MAINTENANCE 47,500 9,784      
  Total Taxes incl Payroll 10,000 2,863      
  Wages 20,000 6,521      
  Pool Monitors & Casual Labor 18,000 6,173      
     SUB TOTAL WAGES 48,000 15,557      
  Telephone, Bus. Coin, Fax, Internet 2,300 1,089      
  Gas& Electric incl Propane 8,000 1,992      
  Waste 2,000 506      
  Water 8,000 1,621      
     SUB TOTAL UTILITIES 20,300 5,210      
TOTAL REVENUE 242,400 165,070      
TOTAL EXPENSE 163,200 44,185      
RESERVE ACCOUNT  01/10/2012 79,200        



The Meadows Homes Association

         Annual Meeting of Members April 24, 2010

  Approved April 30, 2011                                      

 Laura Walker, President                                              Hart Semrau, Special Projects

 Bill Boersma, Vice President /ARC Chairman         Tim Hoeffliger, Weeds & Beautification

 Bob Chrisman, Parking Roads & Signs                        Dale Grojean, MCC Coordinator

 Jackie Chagala, Pavilion Supervisor                             Eleanor Wechsler, Secretary/Treasurer

                                                Patt Huff MHA Administer                           


All Board members present.


Guests wishing to speak: Doug Alter, Merle Aleshire, Steve Muck, and Richard Esparza


Reading of 2009 Annual Meeting minutes waived.  Motion M/S/C Bob Chrisman/Eleanor Wechsler


Wayne Fontaine, Inspector of Elections with Gary Vanhorne and Milton Nicks will be counting the sealed election ballots.


President Laura Walker stated the bank balance on hand end of April approx.($1000).

Motion from the floor to apply balance to next fiscal year. M/S/C Bonnie Clites/Richard Esparza.


President, Laura Walker reported the Tennis Courts were completely renovated and resurfaced. A new windshield was installed.

We are presently obtaining bids to have an Electronic Gate installed at the entrance to the Tennis Court parking lot. The hours have not yet been decided.. No trespassing signs will be installed and residents are encouraged to call the Sheriff when undesirable after hours activities are observed.

The pool was built in the 60”s.  Numerous plumbing leaks have been repaired.  The plumbing does not meet current code requirements.  The pool needs to be resurfaced. The pool will need to be drained for both operations.  Its practical to do both tasks at the same time at the end of this season.  Estimated expense $67,000.

New low flow sprinkler heads have been installed throughout the Community Center grounds and the water bill has been

significantly reduced.

Laura expressed a special thanks to all of the Board members for their tireless work.

Thank you to the out going Board Members for volunteering to help keep the Meadows a special place to live.

 Carol Atchley, Tim Hoeffliger, and Eleanor Wechsler.


Vice President, Bill Boersma thanked Jim Mitchell ARC Project Mgr. for all of his hard work helping to maintain our

beautiful community.

Bill gave an easel presentation of the Reserve Study.  He explained the various components and life expectancy .Items

were identified in the Reserve Study and the HOA’s financial responsibility to maintain all of the Common Area’s and 14 private streets.

A 90% level can be achieved for the entire Community Center complex with the 2010 Reserve Study by 2013

The Hidden Meadows Ranch Special members cannot be assessed for private street maintenance.

The previous study was completed by an outside firm and streets were grossly under funded. The current life expectancy is zero.

We have 154 members living on the private streets.

The contractors who were contacted three years ago and again this year stated the cost of $420,000 was still a good estimate

with the life expectancy of 20 years. Street by street replacement would double the cost.

The membership will need to approve a special assessment for major resurfacing of the 14 private streets.

The recommended fee would be $240 a year for the next three years.

Future meetings for the membership will be scheduled for the explaining the need for the proposed special assessment.

Everyone will be assessed should an emergency occur. The HOA is obligated to repair the street.



Doug Alter stated a specific plan was built into the CC&R’s for maintenance of these private streets.  He asked about the status

of the law suit.

Laura Walker explained, the suit was handled for us by State Farm.  It was settled and we did not go to court.

Merle Aleshire requested a detailed copy of the HOA legal expense.

Mr. Eric Dickson who owns Lot 161Tract 5744 handed out a flyer “Alert” informing homeowners of his views

on a special assessment:

            Those who live on Private Roads pay no fees for road maintenance in their property tax.

            Residents who live on maintained roads pay for maintenance in their property tax.

            Your HOA wants a special assessment to fully fund the street reserve for private road     


 Steve Muck asked can the streets be maintained by San Diego County?

The County will not maintain the private streets.

Mr. Timmons suggested we improve the streets and investigate San Diego County taking over maintenance.

Mr Boersma advised that even if the private streets were up to County standards, they will still require MHA to maintain them.

Merle Aleshire stated he had reviewed the Budget these last 3 years and discrepancies exist. He feels a

Budget Financial Committee should be formed by the HOA. He felt to much money was being spent on attorney’s fees.

The membership needs an explanation on why “the roads need to be repaired. 

An Engineering Study could provide defendable information to the homeowners.

He requested a detailed report of the legal fees paid this fiscal year.

The Board explained that the County is very reluctant to add any new roads. The burden of maintenance

for any new roads is now the responsibility of the developer. Many of these streets would require widening,

all need curbs and street lighting, in addition to resurfacing. It would be very costly and take years to obtain possible

approval and acceptance by the County.

Three years ago a “crack and seal” coat for the private streets cost $ 36,389.

Richard Esparza representing the Foundation requested a copy of the legal fees paid by the HOA related to Lot 171 Tract 7653,

Wilderness Park. He stated each homeowner should be dealing with the Foundation, “neighbor to neighbor” and avoid the legal expense.

 Eric Dickson asked for a detailed copy of the legal fees paid by the HOA.

Meeting Adjourned 11: 15 AM.





174 Ballots counted. We were unable to count 33 unsigned envelopes.


Election Officer’s Wayne Fontaine, Gary Vanhorne, and Milton Nicks.



The following  have one year remaining of their two year term


President                                  Laura Walker

Vice President                          Bill Boersma

Roads & Signs             Bob Chrisman

Pavilion Supv.                           Jackie Chagala



                        2010 ELECTED BOARD MEMBERS


Bonnie Clites,   (withdrew)        Noise Abatement 

Dale Grojean                            MCC Coordinator

Darryl Heintz                            Weeds and Beautification

Karla Larson                            Secretary/Treasurer

Hart Semaru                             Special Projects






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All queries should be addressed to the TMHA Administrator, Pat Huff, regarding procedural matters.

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